We are pleased to announce that Knowledge Reigns Supreme will be having its first Unity Conference among the Knowledge Reigns Supreme Chapters. The five chapters represented will be California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and New York.

We will be in the backwoods of Georgia discussing the important issues that we face as a community. This will give our group the opportunity to meet members from other chapters, build and develop relationships that will last forever.

We will discuss the objectives of each chapter as it relates to the organization as a whole as well as what each chapter can do to help the others.

We will be hosting 30 lucky members to our first unity conference.
We will be arriving on February 3 and will be departing on February 8. Food and refreshments will be provided.

The cost of the trip is only $525 and covers one person and includes your room and board.
There will be a payment plan for members who are interested.

Travel arrangements must be in accordance with the group (travel days on the 3rd & 8th) to avoid excessive back and forth driving.

An official itinerary will be released t.b.a.

Below will be payment instructions, payment plan details, as well as pictures of the ranch we will be occupying.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Cost of the trip is $525.

$150 non-refundable deposit if canceled.

Full payment can be made to CashApp $novaccine.

Or click here to pay with Credit Card.

Payment Plan

For payment plans, please follow the schedule below:

Initial Payment – $150 due by 11/19/2021
2nd Payment – $125 due by 12/3/2021
3rd Payment – $125 due by 12/24/2021
4th Payment – $125 due by 1/07/2022

All payments must be made through CashApp or other pre-approved method of payment. Please contact us if you cannot CashApp.

If you would like to make customized payment arrangements, please contact us at (347)359-2761.

There will be beds available for every person who attends. Those who pay in full early will get the best rooms.

CashApp $novaccine