We are acquiring land to build safe communities.

We are currently raising money to purchase acres of land in Georgia. This is the first and most important project we are working on. This project will also serve as a model for other communities we build across the country.

Our goal is to raise the money to purchase land free of debt before the end of 2021. Once we own the land free of debt, families will have the opportunity to help build a rest haven for themselves and the community.

Why is acquiring land important?

Owning the land means that they will never be able to take the land away from us. When we are free and clear of debt, families can begin to reclaim their freedom because they are no longer under the oppression of men caused by debt. We build our own homes, schools, hospitals, courts, police stations. This means no mandated vaccines and your parental rights are preserved.

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Look Deep Into Nature

We have been pushed to live in inner cities and we have lost touch with nature. The human’s connection to nature has been disconnected and it has contributed to the breakdown of our health as a people.

Reconnecting with nature is critical in understanding our relationship to nature. 

All land development projects preserve much of the natural landscape to keep our communities in touch with nature.

Just Living Is Not Enough

We till the land and use growing techniques to keep the soil rich. We use good seeds, and not genetically modified seeds. Our goal is to grow enough food to feed the entire community.

Once the community is self-sufficient then we have solved the poverty problem.

Let's build a community where each person brings something to the table.

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