Member Benefits Overview:

Expand Your Knowledge

  • Q&A with the Experts: This collection of articles shares information, tips, and advice on a variety of NWO Prep, Surivial Skills Training, Farming, and more.
  • Webinars: Each month live webinars are offered. You can also access dozens of recordings in the professsional development archives.
  • WTM/KRS Connection: This monthly electronic newsletter provides articles on preparations and keeps you current on the real news. The newsletter is archived for two years, allowing new members a chance to take advantage of past articles, facts, data, and advice.
  • Annual Meetup: Each year we bring together like-minded individuals, experts, and speakers who share information on a variety of topics. Grow as a family, stay current with world events, gather great tips, and network with colleagues.

Connect with Peers

  • The WTM/KRS List: This interactive communication tool facilitates online networking and discussions on the NWO, technology, current world issues, and other apsects of our mission. Network with like-minded individuals, ask for advice, get answers to your tough questions or concerns, and share what you know!
  • Ask The Family: We have assembled a list of members who are willing to share their expertise with other members who need advice on specific questions or concerns aligned with our mission.

Establish Your Credibility

  • Articles You Can Use: Members of WTM/KRS and invited guests have generously agreed to share their knowledge and expertise by authoring mission-related articles that memebers can post for FREE on their website, collateral, or electronic newsletter. Include as many articles as you wish, just make sure to leave the author’s byline intact.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: As a member-driven moment, WTM/KRS relies on volunteers in many capacities which is a great opportunity for its members to gain visibility in the movement and market themselves as contributors.

Generate Exposure for You & Your Business!

  • Listing in Olnine Directory: As a member of WTM/KRS, your name and contact information will be added to our online database so that potential members can find you – whether you have a website or not. Links are provided to members’ e-mail addresses and websites as applicable.
  • Logo and Certificate: Show everyone you are affiliated by proudly displaying the WTM/KRS logo on your website and on your business cards. Be sure to read the guidelines for displaying the logo.

Access Deals with Our Partners (build partnerships for members)

  • Members of WTM/KRS are eligible for discounts or special services from many of our affiliate partners. To learn more about these partners and their services, click here. can find you – whether you have a website or not. Links are provided to members’ e-mail addresses and websites as applicable.

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